We just got SQNPI certification

We just got SQNPI certification

Our 2020 wines and our extra virgin olive oil have achieved the SQNPI certification of sustainable practice. The new goal we set ourselves has been achieved: starting from the 2020 vintage we have obtained the SQNPI certification, acronym for national quality system for integrated production.

Our lifestyle and therefore production style has always paid special attention to sustainable practices. Respect for nature and for people as well as passion for work are values ​​that are learned as a child, in the family, and once adult they are translated into sustainable behaviour in the environmental, economic and social spheres.

But today all this is not enough. In fact, it is more important than ever to boast a brand that is recognizable and immediate: this is the reason that led us to obtain the SQNPI brand. In the 2020 campaign we joined the SQNPI national protocols for the production of grapes and olives.

These are protocols that guarantee compliance with ecological and economic principles to enhance the quality standard of the final product. In November 2020, not only the certification production process  but also the product certification was completed, achieving the unmistakable trademark with the bee.

Our 2020 white wines are now available and have the SQNPI logo on the back label, the logo with the bee. For the 2020 reds we have to wait another year at least to reach the right level of refinement.

Sustainable behaviour where we live and work