The winery is located in a pleasant and peaceful place, far away from the main routes. Once you have arrived you can take a break in nice farm landscape of wood and vineyards, where the Komjanc family produces its wines and olive oil, respecting and loving nature.

Winetourism and wine experience in Collio

Raffaella and Roberto Komjanc are glad to welcome you for a unique experience: going from the vineyards to the cellar, telling you the story of this winery on the borderline discovering wine production. The visit ends with a wine tasting paired with typical products.
Slovene, English and German beside Italian are currently spoken.
For visits and wine tastings reservation is required in the mailing box at the end of the page or at the following numbers:
+39 0481 391228
+39 3496931583

In 2007 the winery certificated the quality of hospitality gaining 5 golden leaves super level.
Roberto Komjanc is also one of the promoters of Strada del vino e sapori del Goriziano – the wineries hospitality association.
Presently the winery is associated to Consorzio Vini Collio, Movimento Turismo del Vino and Strada del Vino e Sapori Friuli Venezia Giulia (info here:



“And so what's Collio? t has been a pleasure to dive into the small but complex world of Collio, with its diverse cultural, ethnic and gastronomic realities – that often come together, not surprisingly around its wines... I hope to encourage readers to visit and enjoy the beauty of its landscapes, the natural pace of its seasons and their fruits, and the genuine hospitality of its people."
taken from "Collio – fine wines and foods from Italy's North- East" written by Carla Capalbo


Collio is a land of hills situated between the Isonzo and the Judrio rivers covering about 1500 hectars vineyards, bounded to Slovenia.


That border between grapes and houses

When the border between Italy and Yugoslavia was traced in 1947, two thirds of the hills vocated to winegrowing and named Collio in the Italian language, Brda in Slovene and Cuei in the spoken dialect in Friuli remained in Yugoslavia. Only one third belongs to Italy and, by visiting this area, you will certainly realize that the two separated wine regions Collio and Brda belong to a unique land in the hearth of Middle Europe, and that they have been divided by a political border line and not certainly to a natural and cultural separation. Positioning, climate and soil morphology enabled winegrowing since pre-Roman age. Historical documents confirm the presence of the grapes and "excellent" wine production. San Floriano del Collio is one of the seven "comuni" in the Collio area: a rural village of about one thousand inhabitants, nearly all engaged with winegrowing the 330 hectars vineyards. San Floriano is also the highest point of Collio at 276 metres and from its small place, on clear and sunny days, you can have a spectacular sight from the snowy mountains to the sea.

Welcome to Giasbana, San Floriano del Collio

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