The Komjancs

On the road that rises from the church Santa Maria del Preval towards San Floriano del Collio the first winery you meet is Alessio Komjanc's winery.

Located in a panoramic position, where you can see a natural amphitheater made of hills and mountains (Matajur, Canin and Krn).

The winery has been founded in the Seventies by Alessio, when he left his father's farm to set up a farm on his own specialized in winegrowing. He built house and wine cellar and has been one of the first in San Floriano del Collio to understand the importance of directly selling his wine, therefore Alessio offered to his customers a quality wine produced and bottled in Collio by a family run business already in 1973.

A new impulse

Since 2000 all four Alessio's sons have settled in the farm giving new force and gaining a better specialization in each production step: from the vineyards to the wine business.

The Winery

In 2005-2006 it took place the renovation of the wine cellar with its 750 square meter of covered surface. Here the Komjanc family vinifies only the grapes produced in their own vineyards and all phases, from growing grapes, to production and sales are taken care of by the member of the family. They want to produce the best wine, because they are the first consumers of their wine.

Welcome to Giasbana, San Floriano del Collio

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